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Created on:2021-10-09 10:08

The safety of excavator construction at night is the first priority, and case excavator takes care of the driver's health; The vision is limited in the dark which is easy to fatigue and dangerous situations. The attention should be paid to the reliability and comfort of the equipment. It is equipped with all-weather control system and ergonomic design, which is comfortable and safe. The cab can meet different climatic conditions. It is not only suitable for rush work in autumn night but also 8 air outlets can quickly let the manipulator enter the working state even in severe winter and December. In addition, case cab has defrosting function to reduce the difficulty of night combat construction. Bright night light provides excellent vision for night operation. Fluorescent logo coating also shines at night. The smaller roof beam and no overlapping area of the front window significantly improve the omni-directional field of vision. This series of night combat design of case equipment is only to provide you with more efficient night combat support.